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Glen E. Friedman on Cris Dawson

This skateboarders name is CRIS DAWSON . He is 68 years old. Cris skated on one of the very first organized skateboard teams ever “HOBIE” (in the 1960’s) Cris also skated on the original Zephyr team (in the 1970’s) and helped train Stacy Peralta and Tony Alva amongst others to become the well rounded skaters […]

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This type of incredible skating has found it’s way to our pages for years and years right now our photos are from our last issues and archives. The new PE will be bustling with content you can sink your teeth into. You Know? So sharpen your fangs … cool halloween reference and draw blood. Not […]

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Sketches of an up and comer; 2010 Marquis

Marquis Henry / portrait / Sketches of an up and Comer 2010

This interesting mix of art and photos was directed by the skater which makes the article expose per se very uniqiue. Definately taking the reader to Other Places.

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